The most advanced solution to design and  oversee skill-development cycle in the daily workflows

For the central team:

Get consistency, avoid blind spots 

Set unified frameworks to guide field upskilling initiatives 

  • Create and share competency frameworks.

  • Create coaching grids to assess the skills of the field  workers on the fly.

Strengthen relationships with field and oversee your learner upskilling activities

  • Real-time feedback on skills assessments and evidences as they occur.

  • Detailed dashboard to follow-up skills development activities carried out in the field and/or in the training center.

  • Direct Messaging between learners, field manager, and training organization.

  • Management of trilateral relationship between the learner, his/her manager and the trainer.

Efficiently scale your processes and reference material throughout your organization

  • Training assets management.

  • Mutiple environments and groups management. 

  • Individual learners or group of learners management.

  • Management of rights according to the role of each user.

For the field teams: 

Empower your teams with optimal mobile experience

Provide managers in the field with a user-friendly tool to facilitate adoption

  • Optimized workflow for the line managers.

  • Notification of activity from learners. 

  • Trigger competence-building activities from the field.

Give your learners the keys to increase their skills

  • Continous connection with her/his field manager.

  • The daily reminder on the job tasks.

  • Custom learning path targeting specific skills.

  • Ladder of progress.

  • Repetition and customization every step.

Guide your learners with reference material always available at their fingertips

  • Control of who can access what.

  • Categorize and sub-categorize your reference material and content to facilitate access to the organization.

  • Adapt semantics and granularity to the reality of the field.

Why use Daylindo?

Track the skills
eveloped in the work situation

 Strengthen the quality of coaching
for the learners in thier skills development process

Improve the efficiency
of the skills development and tracking process

Comply with obligations
including the quality processes, performance reviews