Proven skills based on field experience


Daylindo is an advanced SAAS solution designed for organisations to process and assess learners upskilling into day-to-day workflows.

We support those who develop and qualify learner skills through practice in daily work activities



Vocational Training Center

How does it work?

Effective deployment of skill frameworks
managed at scale

Build the competency frameworks and operational standards to be mastered by learners.


Assess and monitor the skill level achieved by your learners.

Track and trace skills proven by learners in the field.

Get feedback on your learners proven skills in the field

Experienced -based
integrated into day-to-day workflows



proof points and skills assessment

Easy experience
at users fingertip

Experienced-based upskilling

Daylindo lets you harness skills qualified
by the reality of field experience


Improve and qualify learner skills by integrating experiential dimension into the learning process.


Ensure learners have the skill level to meet the challenges of performance and


Recognize the development of skills on a day-to-day basis to put employees on a path of success within the company.

Our product

Daylindo is a SAAS Solution to organize, monitor and track experience-based skills development.

Daylindo manages the operational and triangular interactions between the learner, the trainer and the operational manager in a coherent process.

Daylindo allows for a very granular and modular skills referential management to facilitate contextualization and layered skills management.

Daylindo is a complete and flexible solution, in the hands of client organisation, allowing the « pedagogy », the follow-up process and the animation of learners to be adapted to each context.

Daylindo is available on mobile/tablet and on PC to facilitate it’s use in the field and it’s rapid deployment.


Our product is based on recognized principles for
effective skills development

A Clear view of what has to be achieved

Practiced based solution

Feedback and interaction


As the pace of societal and business change accelerates,
fuelled by digital transformation, business requires continuous lifelong learning, which in turn accelerates the need for operational and more granular skills.

– Gartner analysis